Lift up, outer, middle, inner cheeks

Hi, guys today. I like to introduce three exercises for cheekbones. I already cheekbone middle cheekbone and inner cheek balm

By the way, I say cheekbone but it's not the bomb that muscles are on the cheekbone, but it's the same similar idea. You get it right outer middle and Chic in our first exercise. Cheek muscle here. This is the biggest one and it's very very important to lift up this big one so that the middle one and another one works better to let me show you how or I can cut the rope game cases for keep this that can speak to give this pause for 10 seconds or even longer if you can't and this is a really good easy our exercise because

I mean not just a spot most of the exercise can be there when you're driving or when you're working a computer or something like that. So highly recommended to wake up the speaker cheek muscle.

This is a bad example or it's a little bit but not as big as because why not showing And do your stretching here? I don't want to distract you too much cuz the filter on becomes longer with age. So only try to show off Artie's ideally at least eight or could be 10 or could be 12. If you are Julia Roberts are some kind of beautiful people you might have more wide are teeth do it again. When you do it by yourself. You don't have to say hola. I'm just exaggerating by saying hey ha ha. Hey, if you cannot show that lasts 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4. Use your instead of doing this even though this is cute even in the user finger kids. Have fun.

You can try to show even the gong is the pink of the area to it's so important to try to show that corners of the next month are full middle area this middle part cheek. So let's do it.

Is it the first smile special African do not show low what if a game and then capital of the tongue if you want to touch you can you camp as long as you feel like here are being trained? It's okay, and this is a bad example.

A game's like a sagging here and I'm not strong enough for two years. So that's not that's not a good example. Try to show the effort is even though you're talking and it's kind of hard but try to show the corner of that teeth. Yeah, I game if it's hard for you to do what you can use a finger to support the lift corners of the mouth should be a little bit of soul.

this is Tired

Okay, so that last one is for here in a chick from this is so important to lift up because if especially if you're concerned about like a Halo Halo under the eye with HB lose fat in the face. I wish that was opened it but we lose fat in the face in game walk. That's in the body area. I don't know why I wish you were up with it. Anyway, I cannot complain that so if you have more fat here in the list of the skin Keisha, you gonna feel the hollow here, right? So this is really my favorite exercise I called this beaver face So I actually don't know why Beaver really is I don't remember what it was looking like but somebody said beaver face and I thought it was like that as a dish so slowly like a sprinkles face and then if you And that you should feel here. Do you feel that? This is a little bit of Advanced version. So if you cannot do it, that's all I find it just practice app and you'll be able to do it if it's so hard to do that. First one there..... Out of cheek and the middle one is this one first and that last one inner cheek The last one in a chick is so difficult to keep practicing it and it's very normal that some muscles are still sleeping. So we are slowly waking up. But because of some muscle really sleepy so it's hard to wake up. That's why we have to keep practicing. So 3 exercise Auto El kakakakaka area is and then last in a chick is a This month. Thank you very much for watching. If you're interested in more exercises. Be sure to download the free download from my website this paper. They still go with cocoa. And if you're interested in trying to listen online on a personal check the website to also be sure to check my Instagram Facebook stock at Koko Hayashi. Thank you so much. Bye.

Koko Hayashi