Yawn exercise to make chin symmetrical

Hi guys today I'm going to talk about how to Yawn

you're like when you're sleeping and in the morning or something or even at night how to young because there's a really good trick to make our especially chimp more symmetrical disclaimer my chin is not perfect it's distorted it's not symmetrical because of the surgery but I've been doing this exercise and I feel like yeah it's good too good enough to introduce you guys so let's do it the thing about yawning is that when you yawn oh

and then you're not really doing anything just doing stretching right stretching so if your chin is like this side is bent it bent this side you're gonna get this more I could this way and if it's more this way you win New York ah yeah so it's gonna worsen the asymmetrical bent Jim if you if you are just doing it so my idea my suggestion so if my let's know if but ah my chin distorted this side huh hi ha when when I y'all I I try to do this right it's hard to explain so when you yawn try to tell try to bent the chimp to the side which is not bent makes sense so that you use a different muscle when you were young why do we have to do this Bend chanting when we are yawning because when you are young it's hard to move that's why it's a good stretch it's like a resistance training so in summary if your chin is bent to this side let's say in right side and then try to yawn try to bend bend your chin to the left side if your chin is bent to the right side in the vice-versa makes sense that's the first step step 2 when you yawn like 1 2 3 and 3 times but do the less bent we convert weaken sight more so that you get more symmetrical face why do we do 3 times because 1 2 3 by repeating you kind of have to work harder to bend to the side that is not Bend make sense step 3 this is more fun thing when you're yawning a lot of muscles are kind of pulling downward which is not good you want to use more up cheek muscle so when you yawn

OH [Music] so try to move your it's hard to do when you're yearning because when you're yearning it there's so much how to say force so much power is going on so that's quite a good register on training so like wah wah wah wah wah so like 1 2 3 4 and then 5 1 is a 1 which is weak which is not bent oh my gosh it's so hard to explain I don't know if you guys understood the point I'm sorry maybe I will try to practice explain more people so that I get I get more experience to explain better but the point is I just would like you to use the weakened side more when you yawn make sense

I hope so I don't know so it just just like this one ah my chin is to this left side right so I should a young laugh at this start more that is it for today thank you very much for watching be sure to check my website to get this free download that your paper and face my book and sugar oil

thank you so much still see on the next video bye

Koko Hayashi