Hi guys today I'm going to disclose my age I have disclosed my age in the past at other videos so you guys might know but some people might not know and I just got a big birthday so I'm gonna just say it in this March I turned 40 years old as a face yoga instructor it's important for you to know that how old I am but I didn't say that till now officially I mean in a big public announcement because I wanted to make a big deal out there for t40 it's big so um I really appreciate for your support so far because I my youtube channel recently got 100 K plus so I really appreciate that that is actually the biggest biggest biggest birthday present for me I still keep learning new exercises and tips or lots of things for phrase are related to face yoga so please stay tuned with me I know some content sometimes really repetitive but I try to keep up catch up with new trend new exercise and keep learning so please bear with me one of my favorite ways to keep learning new things is that reading your comments so I know that I cannot

answer your questions I'm sorry about that but I always check the heart mark which means I read it I personally read every single one and sometimes I learn so many good new things and sometimes you guys ask me to advise me to check other peoples with YouTube or other information and I learned so much so please keep doing it I really really really appreciate it I know I sometimes make mistakes but I make mistakes we make mistakes too larom so please bear with me so let's talk a little bit about my myself my history so 40 years ago I was born in Japan and lived there long long long time and I worked in other countries a little bit like China Singapore I studied English in England a little bit this internship in India so us japan 6th country in Hong Kong

study in Hong Kong a little bit too so 7 countries I lived in but yeah so three years ago I moved to space to grow my business Mira Chronicle and this face of the business and it's been challenging oh yeah it's really very very challenging as you can you might be able to tell I don't know but um I keep doing it because I get so encouraged by your comments you like my videos the view and I'm really really really appreciated my recent success with the I was so fortunate to teach some face yoga exercise that some celebrities in in for TV show in Holland and which is really coming soon very excited also another big celebrity that I cannot disclose the name

it's coming soon supposed to be so I cannot wait to disclose the name so how do we get that big opportunity from Hollywood TV producers YouTube this is it so it seems like those producers found me through YouTube but this YouTube wasn't would not be this noticeable without your support so you guys made it happen yeah it I cannot make this happen by mass by myself if you didn't view if you didn't follow me I'll subscribe to my channel if you didn't comment if this YouTube channel was not this more active they have found it so I didn't have that opportunity to teach how they would celebrities so you guys made it happen and I really thank you so much I think I talk with my mouth that is it for today

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you thank you so much see in the next video bye

Koko Hayashi